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surviving home renovation projects

Home remodeling is an exciting and horrifying thing to go through. Yes, you want everything to look as you want it to, but do you really want to go through the process to make it look that way? Probably not. My blog is all about surviving a renovation project in your home. You will learn tips that will make it an easier process for your entire family. I have even included some easy to follow instructions for creating a make-shift kitchen to help you survive kitchen renovations without getting to know the pizza delivery guy more than you should.


surviving home renovation projects

5 Ways To Maintain A Wooden Deck

Maykel Sloothaak

A wooden deck is a great addition to any home and can make casual gatherings and parties more fun. Whether you are throwing a summer barbecue or birthday party in your backyard, a deck provides a great setting for your guests. However, a deck gets a lot of foot traffic and is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions. If you do not properly maintain your wooden deck, it can endure a lot of damage. Here are five effective ways to maintain a wooden deck:

Do not Let Grease Get on the Deck

Do you have a grill on your deck? If so, grease from the food can easily spill on the deck and stain it. Grease stains can be a pain to remove, so it is best to prevent them with a grease catcher.

Avoid Painting Your Deck With Solid Stains

If you are thinking about painting your deck a different color, you should avoid using solid stains. They peel easily and take a lot of time to maintain. It is better to use oil-based stains, as they fade more gradually.

Get Your Deck Sealed

No matter how old your deck is, it is very important to get it professionally sealed every two to three years. Sealing your deck will prevent it from getting damaged from rainwater and sunlight. When a wooden deck is exposed to rain and sunlight, it can swell. Spending the extra money on a professional sealing job will go a long way in keeping your deck looking nice.

Prevent Flower Planters from Trapping Dirt

Putting flow planters on your deck can definitely give it extra beauty, but these planters can easily trap dirt under your deck. The best way to prevent this problem is to put the planters on cement blocks before placing them on your deck.

Trim Nearby Trees and Bushes

If you have trees or bushes around your deck, you need to keep them trimmed. When vegetation grows too close to the deck, it can promote mold and moss growth. Make sure the trees and bushes are at least 12 inches away from your deck.

Maintaining a wooden deck will take some extra work, but it is definitely worth the effort. If you follow these helpful tips, you can keep your deck in great shape for many years. If your deck does endure damage, you should have a professional (go to websites like this to contact them) fix it right away.