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surviving home renovation projects

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surviving home renovation projects

Learn How To Replace A Piece Of Damaged Hardwood Flooring On Your Own

Maykel Sloothaak

If you notice that there is a damaged board or two in your hardwood flooring, you can have the damage boards replaced rather easily. It is not overly difficult to replace a few damaged hardwood flooring boards. The following guide walks you through the quick and easy process for replacing a damaged piece of hardwood flooring.

Measure and Order Your Flooring

The first thing you need to do is measure the pieces of flooring that need to be replaced and order them from the flooring company that originally installed the flooring. If you do not know who installed the flooring, you can use a sample guide from a hardwood flooring company to narrow down the possibilities that are available to you. Order the pieces that match the wood you already have in your home as closely as possible at the lengths you need.

Drill the Damaged Pieces

Use a small spade bit to drill a row holes into the end of the piece of damaged wood from the top of the piece to the bottom.

Remove the Piece of Wood

Use a small wooden chisel to chisel out the small edge of the wood located between the holes and the other pieces of wood that are not damaged. Place the edge of chisel between the small piece that is separated from the damaged wood and push down to pop the piece loose. Slide the damaged wood toward the opening you have and then use the chisel to chisel the side of the wood so that you can break the tongue and groove loose.

Prepare the Replacement

The replacement piece of hardwood flooring will have a tongue and groove on the edge of it. To make it properly fit into the opening, you need to use the wood chisel to remove the bottom lip of the replacement wood.

Seat the Wood

Next, place the wood into place, matching up the tongue and grooves. Place a small piece of wood on top of the side of wood that is not flush with the other pieces of wood around it. Use a hammer to lightly tap the piece of wood so that it taps the hardwood piece into place without denting it.

Screw the Piece into Place

Use a drill to screw small guide holes at either end of the piece of hardwood flooring. Use finishing nails and a hammer in the holes to secure the wood to the floor. Use wood putty to holes to make a seamless finish.

If you feel that the process is too difficult for you to do or you simply do not have the time to do the work yourself, you can always hire a professional hardwood flooring company like Westwood Flooring to do the work for you. It doesn't take very long to replace the boards, but you need to be sure that you give the repair company plenty of time to make sure they are able to do the job properly.