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surviving home renovation projects

Home remodeling is an exciting and horrifying thing to go through. Yes, you want everything to look as you want it to, but do you really want to go through the process to make it look that way? Probably not. My blog is all about surviving a renovation project in your home. You will learn tips that will make it an easier process for your entire family. I have even included some easy to follow instructions for creating a make-shift kitchen to help you survive kitchen renovations without getting to know the pizza delivery guy more than you should.


surviving home renovation projects

4 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

Maykel Sloothaak

Enjoying the look and feel of your bathroom is important. You'll spend a lot of time in this space of your home getting ready for the day. The key to helping this room look updated and more enjoyable to use may rest on completing a remodeling project. By knowing specific ways to remodel your bathroom, you may simply be more motivated to do so!

Tip #1: Add a pedestal sink

Regardless if you're trying to save space of simply love the more stylish sinks, you may want to choose a pedestal one. These will take up less space in your bathroom area and are ideal for everyday use.

The good news that you can purchase this basic sink of this type for only $50-$250 and install it yourself if you're the handy type.

Tip #2: Add a claw-foot tub

Do you enjoy a long soak after a hard day at work? If so, why not add a claw-foot tub to your bathroom? This is one of the most attractive tubs you'll find, and it's sure to help you want to spend more time in this area of your home.

Tip #3: Invest in mirrors

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a different look in your bathroom area. Simply put up a variety of mirrors from large to small that you can use on a daily basis. These look beautiful and can alter the look of your bathroom if you're on a budget.

Tip #4: Install heated flooring

Getting out of the shower on a chilly day can be less than comfortable for most homeowners. However, you can change that with ease during your remodel project by installing a heated floor. This will be nice and warm to your feet and is a remodel that you will use on a daily basis.

The cost of heated flooring is $6-$16 per square foot when done by a professional. It's ideal to rely on a person that is trained to install this flooring because of the complexity involved in doing so.

Taking the time to make either minor or major bathroom remodels are ones that will pay off for you. You're sure to enjoy this space of your home more and have better use of this space at the same time. Be sure to rely on remodeling contractors in your area to help you do so.

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