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surviving home renovation projects

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surviving home renovation projects

Three Ways To Keep Seniors From Falling At Home

Maykel Sloothaak

Seniors sustain injuries at home more than any other location. Falling can be especially detrimental to their health. Forty percent of all falls result in fractures of the hips and 20 percent of deaths relating to injuries can be due to experiencing a fall. Here are three ways to keep seniors from falling at home.

Pathway Protection

Some seniors might not have a good sense of balance while others might need a cane or walker to assist them. For these reasons, it is important to ensure that the path is clear for them to walk. Anything on the floor that can cause them to stumble or trip should be removed. One example would be to clear the walking path of rugs which can slide out from underneath someone's feet. When rugs don't lay flat it can create gaps or the corners can curl up creating a potential tripping hazard. If seniors are adamant about keeping rugs on their floors, they should contain skid-proof backing.

Bathroom Buffers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. One study shows that 235,000 people over the age of 15 end up in the emergency room each year due to an injury sustained in the bathroom. These injuries increase as people age. For those 65 and over, most injuries occur near the toilet. To help prevent injuries, grab bars should be securely attached near the toilet to help seniors get on and off of it. Another safety tip for seniors is to have a rubber mat in the tub or shower to prevent them from slipping while getting in and out.

Railing Retrofit

Stairs can be hard to navigate for seniors, so they should be kept as safe as possible. All stairs and steps inside and outside of the home should have handrails on both sides. For steps or stairways that don't already have these handrails, staircases can be remodeled to add them. There are other safety features all steps and stairs include:

  • stairs should be well lit or clearly visible
  • steps should always be clear of objects
  • outdoor steps should be kept clear of ice and snow
  • light switches should be placed at the top and bottom of stairs

By clearing pathways, ensuring the bathroom is safe, and taking extra precaution when it comes to steps and stairs, seniors will not only have less of a chance of falling at home, they will maintain more of their independence as well. Companies like Finelli Architechtural Iron & Stairs may be able to help meet your needs in some of these areas.