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surviving home renovation projects

Home remodeling is an exciting and horrifying thing to go through. Yes, you want everything to look as you want it to, but do you really want to go through the process to make it look that way? Probably not. My blog is all about surviving a renovation project in your home. You will learn tips that will make it an easier process for your entire family. I have even included some easy to follow instructions for creating a make-shift kitchen to help you survive kitchen renovations without getting to know the pizza delivery guy more than you should.


surviving home renovation projects

Factors That Affect Commercial Roofing Remodel Costs

Maykel Sloothaak

Remodeling a commercial roof can set you back a bit, but there are a number of ways that you can control your costs. Here are some of the factors that will affect your final commercial roofing installation bill. 

The Materials You Choose

One thing that will quickly influence your roofing bill is the materials you pick. For instance, asphalt shingles are one of the most cost-effective materials, which is one thing that makes them so popular. If you choose something more elaborate, such as wood or slate roofing materials, your roofing costs may go up, although you may get more bang for your buck in terms of aesthetics or longevity. It all depends on how much of an investment you'd like to make upfront. 

The Condition of Your Existing Roof

Another factor that will affect your outcome is the condition of your existing roof. Stripping off existing materials is one item that will affect the labor costs on your roofing job. Your contractor will also need to assess the underlying structure of your building, since attaching the new roof to faulty supports could be counterproductive. This is one unknown that you can clear up in your initial roofing estimate and evaluation. 

Complicating Factors

Another variable is how complicated the installation will be. There are a couple of things that can complicate a commercial roofing job and add to the cost. For instance, if you choose slate or other materials, then your roofing team will need more manpower and more time to secure the roof in place. The surface of your roof also influences the job. Things like skylights, chimneys and roof valleys will require more workarounds than a simple roof with few breaks in it. Since these factors might affect the budget you have to spend on your roofing tile choices, it's a good idea to talk about cost and time expectations upfront with your roofing team. 

As a final note, it's important to look at not only cost but the reliability of your roofing job. Don't be afraid to spend as much as need to hire a reliable and experienced roofing contractor, for instance. And skimping on the materials or installation timeline can only hurt you in the long run, since a quality roofing installation may extend your next roof's lifespan considerably. Work with your roofing contractor (like Patrick Miller Construction) to choose budget-friendly installation plans that will give you the results you're looking for.