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surviving home renovation projects

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surviving home renovation projects

Why You Might Want Cork Flooring For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Maykel Sloothaak

If you're getting ready to remodel your bathroom, you probably have your new tub, vanity, and toilet picked out. You might even have shower tiles and colors chosen. However, you might be stuck when it comes to bathroom flooring.

Bathroom flooring has many challenges since the room is often humid and the floor can get wet when you step out of the tub. You may want to consider cork flooring. Talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor about the suitability of cork for your project. Here are some benefits it has as bathroom flooring.

Cork Is Suitable For Humid Areas

Cork floor manufacturers make their flooring in different ways, so it's important to read about the product you buy to ensure it is rated for use in bathrooms. Cork is usually well suited because of cork's natural resistance to water. Rather than soak it up, cork repels it due to its waxy nature. This is one reason cork has been used for wine stoppers and in the marine industry.

When cork bark is transformed into flooring, it is made even more waterproof due to the way it's installed. The flooring is topped with a finish that seals the seams so no water can leak through and get under the cork to cause water damage or mold. As an added benefit, the natural components of cork also make it resist mold growth, and that is another reason to choose it for bathroom flooring.

Cork Matches Any Decor

Cork flooring doesn't necessarily have to look like a corkboard. It can have a dark color, multi-color earth tones, or even be bleached white. You can find a color that complements your new bathroom decor whether you want a farmhouse look or a luxury bath.

Cork Is Gentle On Your Feet

Cork is softer than wood, stone, or tile flooring. This makes it more comfortable to stand on and safer to land on if you fall. Plus, cork insulates the floor, so it is warmer on bare feet than tile or stone. This could make cork flooring a good choice if you plan to age in place or if you have toddlers who often trip and fall.

Cork Has No Grout Lines

Another benefit of cork for bathroom flooring is that it is easy to keep clean and sanitary. Unlike tile flooring that has grout lines to trap dirt and mildew, cork doesn't need grout. Your bathroom remodeling contractor has options for installing cork flooring depending on the product you choose.

It can be glued directly to the floor, or the cork can click together and float. The contractor knows the best way to install cork flooring so it is as waterproof as possible and so it's attractive and has a long life.

A bathroom remodeling project forces you to make a lot of decisions, but don't leave your choice of flooring until last, because it's an important decision that affects the appearance of the room. Things to consider are the traction the flooring provides for safety, resistance to mold, ease of care, resistance to water and humidity, comfort, and the overall ambiance the flooring provides your new bathroom.