surviving home renovation projects
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surviving home renovation projects

Home remodeling is an exciting and horrifying thing to go through. Yes, you want everything to look as you want it to, but do you really want to go through the process to make it look that way? Probably not. My blog is all about surviving a renovation project in your home. You will learn tips that will make it an easier process for your entire family. I have even included some easy to follow instructions for creating a make-shift kitchen to help you survive kitchen renovations without getting to know the pizza delivery guy more than you should.


surviving home renovation projects

  • How To Apply Grout Like A Pro

    13 April 2016

    You can make your bathroom stand out with a custom tile job. Installing tile in a bathroom, whether it be on the floor, in the shower basin or on the countertop, is a great way to add some class and value to the room. If you have never laid tile before, the bathroom is a good place to start because there is less surface area in the smaller room. Tile installation is a multi-step process, but applying the grout is perhaps the most vital in a bathroom.

  • Three Ways To Keep Seniors From Falling At Home

    8 March 2016

    Seniors sustain injuries at home more than any other location. Falling can be especially detrimental to their health. Forty percent of all falls result in fractures of the hips and 20 percent of deaths relating to injuries can be due to experiencing a fall. Here are three ways to keep seniors from falling at home. Pathway Protection Some seniors might not have a good sense of balance while others might need a cane or walker to assist them.

  • How To Lay Kitchen Tile

    21 February 2016

    When thinking about a kitchen renovation or remodel, one of the common changes to make is with the flooring. This could mean replacing your current tile floors with new tile to give your kitchen a fresh look.  Kitchen remodeling projects like this one are easy to do providing you've got the right tools for the job. However, they can take a few days to complete, so be sure to do this job on a weekend when you've got plenty of time to devote to the project.

  • 4 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

    5 February 2016

    Enjoying the look and feel of your bathroom is important. You'll spend a lot of time in this space of your home getting ready for the day. The key to helping this room look updated and more enjoyable to use may rest on completing a remodeling project. By knowing specific ways to remodel your bathroom, you may simply be more motivated to do so! Tip #1: Add a pedestal sink

  • 4 Helpful Things To Consider When Getting A Garage Addition For Your Home

    4 January 2016

     If you've been parking your car on the driveway due to your home missing a garage, you may be tempted to spend the money to get a garage installed. This kind of home addition can help add value to your home, not only in the selling price, but also in terms of functionality for the homeowner. If you're curious about how to get started with planning this major home addition, consider some of the following things you'll need to keep in mind when designing the garage.