surviving home renovation projects
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surviving home renovation projects

Home remodeling is an exciting and horrifying thing to go through. Yes, you want everything to look as you want it to, but do you really want to go through the process to make it look that way? Probably not. My blog is all about surviving a renovation project in your home. You will learn tips that will make it an easier process for your entire family. I have even included some easy to follow instructions for creating a make-shift kitchen to help you survive kitchen renovations without getting to know the pizza delivery guy more than you should.


surviving home renovation projects

  • 5 Tips To Use Open Cabinets In Your New Kitchen

    25 February 2021

    Open cabinets are increasingly popular in kitchen remodels across the country for their decorative and functional benefits. Do you want to add them to your own kitchen? Here are a few tips to utilize a kitchen remodeling service to make your kitchen feel grand, fun, and unique.  1. Use Open Cabinets to Feel Open. One of the biggest reasons to include open cabinets is to make a kitchen seem larger and more airy.

  • 5 Indicators Your Home Office May Need Better Cabinets

    12 January 2021

    Does your home office need more cabinets? With more and more Americans working from home, many have resorted to makeshift spaces that may house little more than a desk and chair. But should you go to the effort to add real, dedicated cabinets? If your work-from-home situation falls into one of these categories, the answer may be 'yes'.  1. You Videoconference  Videoconferencing became ubiquitous in 2020, and workers are now opening up their work area to many personal and business contacts through video meetings.